The journey of the backpack 2019 – 2020

backpack, concrete, paper, 2019-2020, dimensions variable

The journey of the backpack is an inquiry of function, especially when an object reaches the inability to fulfill what it was intended for.

Through the exploration the backpack was filled with 8kg of concrete, then traveled by plane to homes in Austria and Scotland. It found ways to communicate and interact with strangers through letters and a CV. Finally it was made immobile through an additional 30kg of concrete and locked up in the Art School during a global pandemic with its next move pending and unpredictable.

The Marionette – Performance 2020

The Marionette Structure, 2020, steel, spray paint, various objects, 220 x 220 x 220 cm

The Marionette Structure is a performance apparatus which I made inspired by the traditional marionette. However instead of having a puppet and a puppeteer the structure blurs the lines of who or what is in control of the movement. The objects from my everyday are attached to my limbs and so as I move they move and as they move I move and as I move they move and then we move together exploring different spaces and ways of moving.

Who moves who 2019

Video, 2019, 00:09:37, Available at:

Still from Video

Who moves who is a layered video work consisting of the documented unwinding (11 min) and rewinding (42 min) of a ball of yarn with and onto my body.

It is an exploration of how everyday objects are tangled up in influencing our every move and so heavily inform our physical vocabulary. By confronting our physical qualities witch each other we enter into everlasting dialogue of movement.

Umbrella dancing 2019

Umbrella dancing, 2019, Video, 00:02:30, Available at:

Still from Video Performance

Umbrella dancing is a documented spontaneous choreography constituted through a series of actions and reactions between myself and the umbrella.

Informed by Object Oriented Philosophies this work is an exploration of mutually constituted movement. Through the visible connection of the string I aim to create a space to understand how my movement shapes the movement of objects and how they shape my movement in return.