Ganzer Fisch 2019

Glass fish, envelopes, ink, 25 x 5 x 7 cm, 2019

Ganzer Fisch is the outcome of a week long Art Symposium in Ganzer, Germany under the theme “Glücklich unterwegs und frei” (Happily on our way and free). Reflecting on the idea of returning to familiar places through encountering the foreign this has become a collaborative performance in which I have become a fish in the German fields. In 75 handwritten letters which I delivered to every single household in the village I asked for their help. Explaining my temporary immobility I asked them to help me move around through carrying the glass fish to a different location on the field it was exhibited on for 3 months. Through their collaboration the fish got to wander and slowly finds its place.

Tangling dreams 2017

Metal, coloured thread on bobbins, 100 x 100 x 300cm, 2017

Initially drawing on a study of similarities in dreaming within my family this piece explores the perception of chance in our conscious and unconscious states of being. The man hole cover plays on the surreality of dreamworlds by introducing an imaginary location. The performative element embraces chance since the bobbins are dropped through the cover at random and left in whichever way they come to halt. Their movement continues through accidental or deliberate interaction with the audience.

Personal universe 2017

Salt on Perspex, wood, LED lights, 90 x 70 x 70 cm, 2017

Personal universe is an immersive installation. The complete darkness and silence create an atmosphere of alienation, inviting the viewer to loose themselves in space and time.

The title Personal Universe is playing on both the resemblance of the crystals to microorganisms as well as to galactic structures. Thus forming a liminal space between imagined perceptions of micro and macro worlds.

An Anatomy of motion 2017

Wool, wire, PVA glue, 50 x 50 x 100 cm, 2017

Through a self-reflexive study of motion I brought these two three dimensional structures to life. Suspended in mid air, they encounter the audience at the height of my head and react to the air-movement of their passing by spinning around their own axis. Never still, they keep on encountering each other in all possible different constellations.

Bruises 2018

Tull, Organza, 2018, dimensions variable

In Bruises I explored the relationship I developed to the physical traces of a hiking accident in the Austrian alps. Through close material and performance based study I aimed to examine the bruises temporality and the transformation of the accompanying memory over time and through retelling and reliving it from a distance.

Of morality 2018

Plaster, MDF, acrylic paint, plastic string ,200 x 200 x 200 cm, 2018

This body of work was the result of a 6 month long exploration of the theme of morality and how it links individual to society through the active participation or protest thereof.

Using casting as the main technique I was able to explore and establish a relationship between two objects from my immediate living environment that do not encounter each other for good reason . Through their transformation and confrontation they invite the questioning of motivations and actions taken in a sheltered living position.